Just a wild guess … but I think Governor Romney is going to run in 2016 (click to read and tell me what you think of my guess)


A few weeks ago I posted my guess that Gov Romney will run in 2016.  I based my wild wild wild guess on the fact that he has resurfaced publicly lately  (on TV about 10 times since November and in an op/ed.)   Then came the news that he is having a ski vacation this month with key leaders of his 2012 campaign.  He says it is just a reunion…but I am a bit suspicious.  

And then today?   He penned an op/ed and was critical of President Obama.  

The foregoing sounds like someone who is itching to get back into the game.    

(And of course my Mother, who was 100 % Irish, said everything happens in 3’s ….and this would be his 3rd run at it.)

PS In just the last two weeks, I was right about Scott Brown!  My 2 very good sources said he was running for US Senate from New Hampshire….and I tweeted it…..that started a bit of a political firestorm…..then Brown came out immediately and said he had not made up his mind…and the next thing we hear is that he formed an exploratory committee!  So…thanks to the sources! They had it right all along.