My question (after talking to pilot) – how much fuel was on board that jet? I know what is said, but has anyone double checked?

Malaysia Airline Flight 370

Typically, pilots load enough fuel to get to their destination and a bit farther in case there is a problem (e.g. get diverted, have to circle etc.)  The arc of how far flight 370 could have gone that the search is based on is what people believe to be the amount of fuel on board.  But has anyone double checked the amount of fuel?  Gone down to the tarmac and spoken to the person who actually fueled that big jet?  Any chance someone asked to have more fuel put on? or lied and said there was a reason?  I have no information that this was done, but I sure would want to double check since the 777 could travel on a full tank from Malaysia to London.

I know people some people think the pilot or co pilot may have been up to no good – but clearly murder was not the motive if in fact they were up to no good.  How do I know?  the pilots would not have bothered to change directions of the aircraft…they would have just pointed the nose down and crashed it.

Whoever changed the direction of that plane was planning to take it some place.  Of course whether the plane made it to a particular destination or crashed remains the mystery.  I confess I suspect crash since I can’t imagine what a hijacked plane to some location does with 200 plus people.