The oldest TV trick in the book — click to read


If you are in the TV business and want to report on flight 370 because you know viewers are watching it, but you don’t want to be accused of doing it for whatever reason, what you do is talk about OTHERS covering it and criticize how these others are spending too much time on it or are doing a lousy job or whatever.   It is the oldest trick in the book — you get to grab viewers attention while pretending you are not doing the story.  (And yes, I think it a bit cheesy to do that – either report on it or don’t report on it.  Don’t pretend.  No one is fooled.)

Here is the truth:  we in TV know people are fascinated by this mystery.  We see the viewer numbers.  And yes, I am fascinated by it, too.  (Where is it? What happened to it?)


Just thought of something….just think of the great gig TV critics have.  They pick the topic they know everyone is watching (here, flight 370) and talk about it from a “TV critic” stand point, their opinion about whether there is too much or not enough coverage etc.  That’s a great gig!  You can’t go wrong being the TV critic.  You don’t get your hands dirty talking about the story because you are a “TV critic” and that is your job, yet you get to talk about the big story that is drawing viewers and thus draws viewers to the critic.