Apparently this viewer (click to read) did not like my OFF THE RECORD comment last night on OTR at 7pm (and scroll back to 3/18/14 at 8:51 pm – I posted it)

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Subject: Poor comment


Your bashing of Thailand over this missing plane is entirely uncalled for. Did Malaysia ever ASK????? From a country whom many of its citizens have been in a sort of war on the southern border of Thailand for years? Secondly what did MALAYSIA DO when it came up missing? Denied the turn theory denied everything for almost a week; and only when forced with other facts to change their tune.

Myself, I’m quite certain that this information came about due to US and Thailand ties and we likely ASKED once it became apparent that Malaysia was totally lost as to what to do. Yes the same country whose national airline refused the “extra” services that would have provided much more data. While Thailand HAD

been assisting in the search where Malaysia said it was………


I’m disappointed in your comments

Wayne *****

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