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Subject: Flight 800 …


Your wonderful, loving FBI buddy was later found to be totally lying about 800. He lied to cover up what really happened.




And can be proved. Hell, most people on Long Island want his head!


It still isn’t known what happened but his “theory” has been proven wrong. He lied.


And now your other loving female bimbo, Greta, has this same liar on to tell us what happend to 370. He’s lying again! Greta has no clue to what she’s doing half the time anyway (she’s from Wisconsin where incest and skinny-lipped mothers are common). Why does she think NOBODY remembers flight 800 and the FBI coverup?


We know of your FBI lover and the fraud he is. Stop trying to cover up for him as that makes you more complicit in what happened and complicit in its cover up.


Greta has now gone over to the Left. As has O’Reilly and Hannity. They been TOLD by the regime to move to the Left or lose their jobs and possibly their lives. They are now so proud of Obama and his foreign policy, his reducing the military, his wanting of higher min wage. They now worship the black homosexual. They no longer think of Obama as a murderer and the person who has caused ALL the crap that’s going on in the mid-east and now Africa.


Maybe now you’ve go to the Left, too?



Gary & Daisy..



Subject: GretaWire Comments


I am a commercial pilot in both airplanes and helicopters. I do not know where the report that the initial errant turn was done through the ‘computer’, but it is Bravo Sierra. There is NO way to tell that unless the FDR is recovered and read or you were on the flight deck. The turn could have been made simply by turning the heading bug on the HIS display. I cannot believe you folks have fallen for this crap.


J. A****

Birmingham, AL


Subject: Flight 370

If you are a terrorist cell with a plan & a nuclear warhead, why would you admit jacking the plane when you’re still in the middle of your plan? If you pack the plane with hostages & the nuke and intend on flying it to a designated target like say Washington or New York, why open your mouth & spill the beans?
C. H*****
Decatur, IL.


Subject: Idea about plane

I think the Captain of the plane attempted to hold it and the passengers hostage in order to arrange for the release of the political prisoner who was sentenced to five years in prison the day before the plane disappeared.      – Mary M******, Garden City NY


Subject: Thailand generalzation offensive

I and my family were quite offended by the comments made on the airing of your show in March 18, 2014.  It is one thing to criticize the military or officials In Thailand responsible for not volunteering information in flight 370.  It is another to infer and make offensive comments and make generalizations about the entire country of Thailand and it’s people.  As a significant part of my wife’s ancestry includes her father who was born in Thailand and existing extended family from that line continue to live in Thailand, both she and I do not and are quite offended.  As such we will likely not continue to watch and follow your program.  I would hope that you would have been able to make such an obvious distinction and avoid such a generalization of an entire people who are closely allied with the US.


Bandy M******, MD


Subject: Missing Plane


I believe it’s all about the money. The plane either had a cargo of great value or the plane itself was the treasure. Modern terrorists know we monitor cellphones and computers. I believe the conspirators made personnel contact with the pilots to avoid leaving any digital trail. I believe one or both  of the pilots were paid to deliver the plane to a predetermined location. Either dumping it in the ocean where the cargo could be retrieved or it was flown to a remote airstrip to be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Either way the poor innocent passengers were expendable and most likely the pilots as well. No honor among thieves.

M P****
Monmouth, Maine


Subject: The Plane…The Plane

Ya know what, there is so much other news out there.  Yes, the missing plane is a news story but really,Greta, enough is enough.It’s the same thing over and over and over! Your show always focuses on an issue and you don’t let go! I’m surprised you stopped reporting on Holloway.
Don’t you think maybe…..The Russian issue is a big story? Don’t you think an incompetent President is a big story?Another multi milllion dollar vacation for the First Lady and her entourage ? that bugs me because there are so many families struggling because of her husbands policies. You would think maybe they would curtail their adventures? appearances show they don’t care. We are just the little people. But that’s a story for another day.  How about Obama Care, Benghazi, IRS
Come on Greta, quit it. I won’t watch your show until new news comes about t.he missing plane


Subject: Theory

I believe the US. Govt is involved with the Boeing 777 disappearance. It’s a distraction from the Obama Care debacle.