Note to hand wringing TV critics and arm chair critics: Malaysian Flight 370 – click

Malaysia Airline Flight 370

To all those hand wringers now going on TV or writing columns to pronounce their criticism of or their upset about the extensive coverage of Flight 370, ‘get over it!’

Have they forgotten that 239 people are missing or perhaps murdered?  The possible murder of 239 is not a drive by report.  239 people missing or murdered is not inconsequential.

Yes, I know, it may be popular to say “I am not interested,” but then why are you talking about it? And if you are truly not interested in it, stop talking about it. No one is tying TV critics up in the basement and forcing them to watch the coverage or talk about it.

And yes, there are plenty of other issues and news stories to talk about or write about (this is a big world with lots of troubles) — so, have at it!  Write about those, talk about those, report on those!  No one is stopping is you.

One other thing…do you really think that if all the media pulls back and stops covering this vanished plane with 239 people intensely that the Malaysian government is going to suddenly feel compelled to release all pertinent information?  and to vigorously investigate? I happen to think intense media scrutiny has the power to make governments want to do their jobs….or at least try harder.  They hate the spotlight.