President Obama — first, a Russian official demeaned the President by calling his sanctions “pranks” – and now even the Washington Post criticizes (“slap on the wrist”) !


Sanctions only work if they are touch with no holes in them.  See below what the Washington Post says about President Obama’s sanctions: 


Western sanctions deliver only a slap on the wrist to Mr. Putin

By Editorial Board, Published: March 17

THE SANCTIONS President Obama announced Monday to punish Russia and its collaborators in Ukraine are intended to inflict economic pain. So a fair measure of their adequacy was the reaction Monday of the Russian stock and currency markets: Both spiked upward in celebration.


While Vladi­mir Putin matches or exceeds the most pessimistic expectations of his belligerence — over the weekend, Russian forces extended their invasion from Crimea to an adjacent area of Ukraine — the United States and its allies so far are delivering less than they threatened, or than markets expected, in retaliation. Unless the