What a bunch of NOISE from Attorney General Holder and the Justice Department!


This is noise.  This is not a criminal prosecution or justice.  It does ZERO to the culprits.

See below (and to think the Justice Department lawyers are ‘high 5-ing’ each other!

“Attorney General Eric Holder announces $1.2B settlement with Toyota, saying the company made misleading statements on safety. It is the largest criminal penalty imposed on a car company in U.S. history.”

Ready for this?  NO ONE GOES TO JAIL FOR THIS CRIME (it says criminal penalty, but it is money only)

Second, guess who pays this penalty?  The people inside Toyota who actually COMMITTED these acts? NO!  It is the shareholders who had zero to do with it.

Third, those misleading statements HURT PEOPLE — maybe even led to car accidents and death.

This is rotten – there is no accountability.