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MH370 Aus. Presser Verbate
DC Tapes #1, 2

John Young, Emergency Response Division General Manager, Australian Maritime Safety Authority
00:31:33- RCC Australia received an expert assessment for that satellite imagery this morning the 20th of March the images were captured by satellite they may not be related to the aircraft.

00:32:29- the assessment of these images were provided by the Australian Geo Spatial Intelligence Organization (AGO) as a possible indication of debris south of the search area that has been the focus of the southern search operation since Monday the 17th of March.

00:32:50- The image is in the vicinity of the search area defined and search in the past two days….further images are expected after commercial satellites were redirected to take higher resolutions of the areas of interest. These will be provided in due course.

00:33:11- Four aircraft have been reoriented to locate the objects approximately 2,500 kilometers southwest of (inaudible) as a result of this information.

00:33:23- A royal Australian air force Orion aircraft arrived the area around 1:50 pm this afternoon.

00:33:31- A further 3 aircrafts has been tasked by RCC Australia to the area later today including a royal New Zealand air force Orion and the United States Poseidon aircraft. The Poseidon aircraft should be on the scene now.

00:33:49- The second Australian Orion departed the Royal Australian Air Force Base Piers at 2pm this afternoon and should be on the scene at 6pm this afternoon.

00:34:02- The New Zealand Orion is due to depart at 4pm this afternoon and should be on scene at 8pm

00:34:12- A Royal Australian air force C130 Hercules aircraft has been tasked by RCC Australia to drop data marker buoys.

00:34:22- These marker buoys assist RCC Australia by providing information about water movement to assist in drift modeling.

00:34:30- they will provide an ongoing reference point if the task of locating the objects become protracted.

00:34:39- A merchant that responded to shipping broadcast issued by RCC Australia on Monday is expected to arrive in the area at 6PM having been diverted by RCC Australia.

00:34:55- The Royal Australian navy warship HMA Success is on route to the area but is some days away. She is equipped to recover any objects located and proven to be from MH370.

00:35:09- The focus for AMSA is to continue the search operation with all available ships and aircrafts. The ships and aircrafts are searching for any signs of the missing aircraft.

00:35:25- Weather conditions are moderate in the Southern Indian Ocean where the search is taking place. However poor visibility has been reported and this will hamper both satellite and air efforts.

00:35:37- AMSA continues to hold grave concerns for the passengers and crew on board and I must emphasize that these objects may be very difficult to locate and may not be related to the search.

00:35:53- Air Commodore John McGarry and I will now be happy to take any questions

Question: 00:35:59- What does the objects look like and what do they appear to be

00:35:59- The objects are relatively are indistinct on the imagery… I don’t profess to be an expert in assessing the imagery but those who are experts indicate that they are credible sightings.
00:36:08- The indication to me is of objects that are reasonable size and probably a (wash) with water moving up and down out of the surface.

Question- 00:36:24- Can you give us any idea of the size, the size of a basketball or a seat cushion or much larger than that.

00:36:31- No much larger than that. The largest image that I’ve seen is assed at being 24 meters. There is another one that is smaller than that and a number of other images in the general area of the biggest one.

Question- 00:36:50- You said the aircraft arrived at 1:50… that’s almost two hours ago now. Have you had any report back?

00:36:55- The aircraft has reported on the weather on scene that’s where I get the information that there is poor visibility on the scene and perhaps Air Commodore John McGarry can comment on the implications on that separately.

Question- 00:37:09- The aircraft on scene, has that relocated the piece of wreckage that was spotted on the satellite?

00:37:15- No there has been no sightings yet.

Question-00:37:17- What will the merchant ship do if it does find the objects? Will it pick them up?

00:37:24- The most likely scenario is that the aircraft will find an object if it is findable and report back an accurate GPS position and AMSA would task the ship to proceed to the area in attempt to see it.

00:37:44- That would be our first chance to get a close up look to whatever the objects might be and progressively advance the identification of whether they’re associated with search or not.

Question-00:37:55-When was the satellite imagery actually captured? Do you know what time and what day?

00:38:01- We were provided it from the Australian AGO this morning but I’ll ask Air Commodore John McGarry about the imagery.

Air Commodore John McGarry

00:38:12- so the imagery is being progressively by satellites passing over various areas.

00:38:21- The task of analyzing imagery is quite difficult it requires drawing down frames and going down frame by frame. The moment this imagery was discovered to reveal possible object that might indicate debris field. We have passed that information from defense to AMSA for their reaction.

Question-00:38:38- Is it fair to say if they have a look at it and believe that it is credibly debris from the plane that we can draw conclusion from that it is?
00:38:50- Quite simply it is credible enough to divert the research to the basis it provided a promising lead to what might be wreckage from the debris field. John if you want to elaborate on that any further.

***John Young, Emergency Response Division General Manager, Australian Maritime Safety Authority***

00:39:07- On the elaboration I would make on that is we have been in this business doing search and rescue before and they do not always return to be related to the search even if they look good. So we will hold our views on that until they sight it close up.

Question- 00:39:25: What kind of satellite spotted the debris in the first place? And whose satellites was it?

***Air Commodore John McGarry***

00:39:31- Unable to advise on that…I simply do not know.

Question-00:39:35- You mentioned further satellite imagery, when do you expect to receive that?

00:39:37- Well, AGO will continue to provide all possible support to this operation. The ability to re-task assets, our commercial and others to enable us to focus here on an area to support this search will become a priority, but I’m unable to give you any advice on when additional imagery might even hold any other clues.

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Rough Log Australian Presser
DC Tapes #01, #02 (3/20/14)

John Young, Emergency Response Division General Manager, Australian Maritime Safety Authority

0:31:51 Australian maritime authority, assistance from Australian defense force, NZ, and Us navy
0:32:10 has received sat imagery of objects possibly related
0:32:22 received expert assess this morning
0:32:29 images captured by sat, may not be related to aircraft
0:32:39 provided by AGO as possible indicator south of search area
0:32:53 image is in vicinity of search area defined and searched over past two days
0:33:08 sats are being redirected to take hi-res images of area
0:33:27 royal Australian AF Orion aircraft has arrived in area
0:33:41 additional to be sent later today- US NAVY Poseidon
0:33:53 US should be on scene now, second from NZ should be on scene at 6pm this afternoon
0:34:15 royal Australian air force aircraft has been assigned to drop markers.
0:34:35 will provide ongoing reference point if task of relocating objects becomes….
0:34:59 aus navy warship on route to area, some days away
0:35:08 equipped to locate objects
0:35:15 focus for answer is to continue search opp with all avail ships and aircraft
0:35:28 weather conditions are moderate in southern Indian ocean
0:35:37 poor vis has been reported- will hamper efforts.
0:35:46 must emphasize that these objects may be very diff to locate and may not be related to the search.
0:36:04 objects are relatively indistinct on imagery
0:36:12 those who are expert indicate they are credible sightings
0:36:25 of sig size….

Q: size?
0:36:34 much larger– largest image is 24 meters, another smaller than that.
0:36:48 a number of other images in general area
0:36:57 aircraft has reported weather on scene- that’s where I get info that there is poor visibility in area.
0:37:18 no sightings yet of wreckage
0:37:28 most likely scenario is aircraft will find object if findable then report accurate gps position.
0:37:46 that would be our first chance to get close up look at what objects might be and if assoc with search
0:38:05 we were provided sat from Australian ago this morning

Air Commodore John McGarry Royal Australian Air Force
0:38:17 imagery is being progressively captured by sats
0:38:26 drawing down frames, going through frame by frame
0:38:36 moment it indicated possible debris we passed along info
0:38:59 quite simply it is credible enough to divert search to this area.
0:39:13 we have been in this business of doing search and rescue- do not always turn out

Q: whose sat spotted debris?
0:39:33 don’t know
0:39:44 ago will continue to provide all possible support, retask assets
0:39:57 cannot give advice on additional imagery

John Young, Emergency Response Division General Manager, Australian Maritime Safety Authority
0:40:19 could be several thousand meter deep
0:40:27 will check and get information back to you
0:40:41 that area is four hours flying time
0:40:47 approx two hours on station once in search area.
0:40:55 two hours of endurance once on station- two hours of search time

Q: advice to families who have been waiting?
0:41:23 if indeed aircraft came into southern corridor, will find more accurate search area
0:41:51 don’t want to draw too many conclusions
0:42:10 have now seen sat imagery of number of objects there
0:42:21 a lead, best lead we have now, need to find, assess
0:42:32 will be diff to find, may not be associated with aircraft

Air Commodore John McGarry Royal Australian Air Force

0:42:49 we have had offers from other countries
0:42:58 distance of search area lends itself to certain aircrafts
0:43:14 we continue to work with those nations to see how they can assist
0:43:26 aware of Chinese taking interest in searching southern area.

John Young, Emergency Response Division General Manager, Australian Maritime Safety Authority
0:43:36 we provide regular briefings for countries involved in search.
0:43:50 keep them informed about what’s going on

Q: all resources devoted to hits area?
0:44:05 correct, this is close enough to NTSB area to be possible sighting
0:44:20 priority at moment

Q: common occurrence to see debris here?
0:44:43 our experience is that there is debris and it can be containers from ships falling overboard and other objects of that type.
0:45:11 don’t want to speculate until we get there and see them

0:45:22 can’t tell anymore about number of pieces and size
0:45:32 image on sat sat image has blob with assessment of 24 meters against it.
0:46:04 many steps to happen before we get to that point
0:46:11 have to locate it, confirm it belongs to aircraft
0:46:21 what we’re looking for is confirmation it does or does not belong to aircraft

Q: windows? markings? any bits and pieces?
0:46:41 the imagery is not that precise
0:46:51 working to provide imagery for you- working to provide imagery that can be released for media purposes
0:47:10 info will be released and media statements as usual.

when more info?
0:47:28 in the nature of search and rescue that I cannot answer
0:47:42 four aircraft out there this afternoon- may get sighting, may not.

0:48:13 close up of search map