Banks and credit card companies are getting really nuts … click to read (and post YOUR credit card stories)

credit card

Last Sunday I was in NYC to do ABC This Week and I used my credit card.  The amount charged was less than $100.   The following day – Monday – I tried to use the card (for an even smaller amount – flowers for someone) and my credit card was rejected.  Rejected?  I pay my bills and I have had this credit card for decades and always paid my bills. 

We called the credit card company and learned there had been a fraud alert put on my card because it had been used in two different cities two days in a row.  Huh?  New York is a 3 hour train ride from DC and I frequently commute back and forth.

This same problem happened to me a few years back when I bought something in the airport in India, boarded the plane, flew 12 hours to Newark and tried to use my card in the Newark airport when I landed and it was rejected. I thought that was bad — but at least it was 2 different countries across the globe from each other!