Update on search for Flight 370 by our Pentagon (emailed by FNC’s Justin Fishel)

Malaysia, plane, 777

– Today the P-8 is flying Southwest from Perth toward the potential
debris site announced by Australia. Satellite images reported by China
are in the same vicinity.
– Today’s P-8 flight is our 13th P-3/P-8 mission, covering a total of
more than 160,000 square nautical miles.
– Weather in the Southern Indian Ocean is much clearer today than the
past couple days, allowing for the full spectrum electronic and visual
of search capability (see FAQ for more info).
– Yesterday’s P-3 flight toward the Cocos Islands did not reveal any
indication of aircraft wreckage or debris. Today is a no-fly day for the
– USS Blue Ridge is underway and now 13 hours ahead of East Coast time
in the Japan time zone.