It makes no difference to me, has no impact on what I think about Sec Hagel, that Secretary Hagel’s son got arrested for marijuana – zero!

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This posting is not about whether this (an adult child’s arrest for marijuana) is news or not — this is about whether, as a citizen, I hold it against Secretary Hagel that his son was arrested for marijuana and Secretary Hagel did not put it in his book.  I do not hold it against Sec Hagel and think it is an irrelevant piece of information.  I don’t care if it was in the book or not in the book.  What about you?  Even if the charges were not dropped, this child is an adult.  (As for the citizenship, I can’t figure out what this is or what the reporter means.)


“….What this new version does not contain, however, is any mention of his son Charles Ziller “Zilla Thrilla” Hagel’s arrest for marijuana possession in May 2012, months before President Obama nominated Hagel for secretary of defense. The charges were ultimately dismissed last year…”