Chelsea Clinton should start watching ON THE RECORD at 7pm and become a regular blogger here on GretaWire – click to find out

Chelsea Clinton

Below is an excerpt from a story on Mediate (Noah Rothman) about Chelsea Clinton.  In reading the article on Mediaite, I thought, maybe Chelsea and Noah Rothman should switch over to Fox News, and specifically ON THE RECORD at 7pm — we deliver exactly what they think is missing:

“…When was the last time you saw a lengthy report on cable news digging into the deteriorating conditions in Syrian refugee camps, or exposing the chronically malnourished of Harare, or profiling the heartbreaking poverty in Port-au-Prince? You don’t see that, because it does not draw viewers or sell advertising…”  CLICK HERE

In December (with Reverend Franklin Graham) I went to Iraq and to a Syrian refugee camp there.  We reported on that Syrian refugee camp.  And….in December, I also went to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to the Greta Home and Academy.  You have seen reports about the Greta Home both here on Greta Wire and on ON THE RECORD.  

So…bottom line….Chelsea – and Noah –  may want to check us out!