Secret Service …. what I think (click to read)

Secret Service

This is at a crisis level – the Secret Service is supposed to protect our President and now we find out some visit prostitutes (Colombia), some get smashed (Netherlands) and some look the other way or don’t look at all as a very strange fellow with obvious problems stands near the president (the pretend sign language guy at Mandela’s Memorial.)

Yes, I used the word “some” since it is not all…but I do worry and wonder how many others are just not getting caught? And how many others know about this behavior but look the other way and never report it? and how many others are just laughing about it? This is real danger to the President.

And on top of the real danger they create for the President and First Family when they fail to perform their jobs, they are also an embarrassment for the good men and women in the Secret Service and for all Americans.

I want to be proud of the Secret Service, not think that they are a bunch of college frat boys (and whatever you call women who act like that) partying on the taxpayer dime. Traveling with the President is a serious job, not a party.

I am embarrassed when I read about this behavior. The Secret Service is supposed to be our finest and they represent the United States – especially so when they travel abroad.

PS The blame for this is certainly not the White House or the President. It is the Secret Service themselves and it is the leadership at the Secret Service.