From FNC’s Chad Pergram:

“Very serious concern” on Capitol Hill about “deteriorating situation” in Eastern Europe

There is serious concern on Capitol Hill these evening about Russia’s next move, sovereignty of Ukraine and the Baltic Republics. A group of House Armed Services Committee Republicans tonight sent a letter to President Obama expressing “alarm,”, urging an “increase” and an effort to “enahnce the alert posture and readiness of US forces in Europe.”

“I can’t tell you how awful this is,” said one Congressional source who spoke to Fox on the conditition of anonymity. Another source said that information which came into Capitol Hill today “reflects a deteriorating situation which prompted very serious concern.”

“It’s remarkable concern,” said another source. “There are senior people here are more concerned than I have ever seen them.”

In addition, Fox has learned that that NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Philip Breedlove will be on Capitol Hill Thursday to speak to lawmakers about the gravity of the situation.