Blame, blame and more blame — click


Below is a fundraising email from President Obama that just landed in my in box.  Yes, of course both parties do this blaming business — but the blame thing gets really, really, really old.  Below you will see President Obama, in this fundraiser email,  is asking for money and in doing so, is blaming his shortcomings on the Republicans.    And while it is true that the Republicans oppose him — that is true of EVERY President and in BOTH parties!  President Obama is not facing something new.  The opposing political party does just that – oppose!  President Bush 43 had opposition, President Clinton had it (they even tried to throw him out!), President Bush 41 etc. had it.  That is politics!  Great leaders figure out how to work with their opponents.   They won’t always agree, but they will get much more done if they work together.

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