Questions I have about the Governor Chris Christie report (and commissioned by the Governor) –


This is not about Governor Christie.  This is about the law firm hired and their investigation and their report.

I am not suggesting Gov Christie did anything wrong (investigation is far too incomplete but thus far I don’t see anything incriminating.)

I am asking these questions below simply because they address the credibility of this law firm’s report and whether anyone should be persuaded either way about the governor by this report.

This report was expensive for the taxpayers.  Based on the fact there are other investigations ongoing and this one incomplete –  should this one have been commissioned?  This one could be a big waste of taxpayer money – especially since it lacks subpoena power.

I realize the Governor is trying to expedite the investigation (and I don’t blame him to want to get it behind him) but this investigation  falls short with these unanswered questions.

Here are some of my questions about this report:

1/ Why this law firm (Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher) to do the report? and why not another?  Does the law firm have any contracts to do business with New Jersey? expect to or hope to?

2/ Why should we rely on this report? it is incomplete — the lawyers did not speak to former Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Ann Kelly.  She is the key witness.

3/ How much did the report cost?  What did the firm bill? and how much per hour?  How much someone is paid is a fair question when determining credibility of the report.

4/ Why should the New Jersey taxpayers pay for this report — there are other investigations on going — so why this one, too?

5/ Any of the people the law firm interviewed speak under oath with penalty of perjury?

6/ Did the law firm interview, under oath, David Wildstein?  Bill Stepien?  If not, why not?

7/ How can this law firm possibly reach a conclusion when it did not speak to the 3 at the center of this?  Kelly, Wildstein and Stepien?  Yes, the firm talked to alot of people — but not the key people.  Yes, I know the key people refused to speak to the law firm but that doesn’t mean the law firm report is complete.

In my opinion, the foregoing means the law firm spent a lot of time, interviewed a lot of people, submitted a bill…on an incomplete report.