What a night ….


I am very lucky to have my job and I really like it.  But, I do admit, there are nights…when I walk off the set with heavy heart. 

Last night was one (of many.) 

In just one hour, among other topics, we reported on

– 239 people on Flight 370 (presumed dead), [ just think — they boarded a plane, expecting to arrive 6 hours later in Beijing…maybe for work, to visit a friend, return home, etc..]…

– 25 people known dead in the mudside in Washington State….

– 90 people still missing from that mudslide (presumed dead) [the victims of the mudslide were just in their homes…relaxing, working, making plans etc.] and of course ….

– 2 firefighters who died in Boston yesterday fighting that fire [they went to work and didn’t even know if they would get called out for a fire.]

If I looked farther, I could find much more like the foregoing.  And of course, it isn’t just the foregoing, it is their families – spouses, children, parents, siblings etc.  They all have broken hearts.

On nights like last night….you need to remind yourself, there is also a lot of good in the world.  You see much of that good – actually greatness – watching people from around the world searching the wicked waters off Australia, the first responders looking non stop for people who might still be alive, trapped in that mudslide…and of course, the many firefighters in Boston and around the nation who daily risk their lives for us.   The list of people helping is endless.   

I admire anyone helping…how about you?