UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE worker should have been served with an INDICTMENT not a letter asking to repay more than $45,000 she stole! click to read

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“…She was served with a letter demanding she repay the remaining money she owed and took an “early retirement,” according to a USPS spokeswoman…” Washington Examiner story by Michal Conger, March 27, 2013

Tonight ON THE RECORD at 7pm we will have more on this story…..but can you believe it? Just a letter to repay? It is called STEALING and it is a FELONY yet no indictment?

What do you think would happen if YOU stole? Different rules when you work for the government?

If there is no real penalty, an enforcement of the criminal code, this will go on and on and on and on. Prosecutions are a deterrent but they must happen in order to deter.

Maybe if we collected on the stealing, the overpayments, the fraud, the waste etc….our national debt would not be so spectacularly high!