More Secret Service news — or is this a college frat? (I thought they were supposed to be our best?)

Secret Service

Memo below from my FNC colleague Serafin Gomez


Per Amor/Gomez

The Florida Highway Patrol has just confirmed the details about the March 7th car crash involving USSS agents in the Florida Keys just hours ahead of President Obama’s South Florida visit. As was reported earlier by the Miami Herald (see below), two secret service agents collided their rental car into a grocery chain truck at 2 AM in Islamorada, FL after attempting to cross Route 1. The rental car apparently did not have its headlights turned on. An FHP trooper detected a ”slight odor of alcohol” from the agent driving the car, according to FHP PIO Trooper Jose Sanchez. However, the trooper did a field sobriety test on the agents and “felt they were not drunk”. Sanchez said he did not know if the USSS agents flashed their badges to the responding trooper, per producer Ivonne Amor’s phone interview with FHP spokesman. The FHP report identifies the two agents as Matthew Kyle Reyes, 27, of Woodbridge, Va., who was driving, and Kevin Sedlak, 51, of Elkridge, Md. Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary tells Fox News that two “U.S. Secret Service personnel were involved (however)they were not on duty at the time. Out of an abundance of caution, they were returned home to Washington D.C. because of contact with police and the pending police and traffic investigations.” We also spoke to Elizabeth Jacocks , the owner of the 24 hour grocery store, The Trading Post, where the US Secret Service agents had apparently just left prior to the car accident. Jacocks said the agents had just bought fishing supplies.

(my note: buying fishing supplies at 2am just hours before the President of the United States is to arrive and presumably they are to protect?  Were they thinking maybe getting some sleep sometime might be a good idea so that they were alert???)