The White House needs to step lightly…I know the WH hates Fox News, but even NYT is pointing this out

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Before the White House brags about 6 million, it might want to look behind that number and find out what it means. The paragraphs below (in particular, para 2) from the NYT today explain the concern with the number.


“…The White House said on Thursday that more than six million people have signed up for private plans, a significant political milestone for the Obama administration. Independent analysts estimate that an additional 3.5 million Americans are newly insured under Medicaid — figures the law’s backers hail as a success.

But those numbers may not reveal much. Federal officials do not know how many of those who selected plans were previously uninsured, or how many actually paid their premiums. Independent experts warn that the intense focus on national numbers is misguided, and that it will take years to fully assess the law’s impact, much less deem it a success or a failure…”


PS – The WH hates us in large part because we point out info like para 2 above. We look BEHIND the numbers as is NYT in this article. We are not part of the cheerleading squad, but the examining squad. It may turn out that this 6 million number IS worth bragging about but in the meantime, fair minds are skeptical and good journalists are asking for more information.