Governor Chris Christie needs to answer this …


As you know, Governor Christie commissioned a law firm to investigate the scandal surrounding the closing of lanes on the bridge from New Jersey to Manhattan. It is important that he be transparent – that includes itemization of cost to the taxpayers:

“…the cost, which Mr. Christie’s lawyers declined to detail, is expected to be several million dollars…..” [NYT]

Several million dollars? I thought it was only one million and even that seemed like much. Was the contract for the investigation bid out to several law firms? How much did the lawyers charge per hour? One good hint of excessive fees in a legal bill is how much the firm bills for copying and legal assistants helping…not to mention the lawyers’ hourly rates. If the law firm overcharges for something so simple as copying, it is fair to assume – until disproven – the rest of the fees charged is inflated.

Since this bill to the lawyers is said to have been paid with New Jersey taxpayer money, the people of New Jersey should have that itemized bill as well as the total amount.