I don’t know about you….but I am proud of our Pentagon, White House (President Obama), our Navy and taxpayers for this – click


Right now I am reading about the search for Malaysian flight 370.  There were 3 Americans on it (less than 1% of the total missing, presumed dead.)   Despite the fact that there were so few Americans on board, that it was not an American airline nor did it happen or we suspect it happened on our territory,  our Navy is aggressively helping in the search.

That order to aggressively search and help came from above (Pentagon/White House/President Obama), is carried out by our Navy and paid for by our taxpayers.  We are all in on this one.

It may seem an extravagant cost – but it shows how much respect we have for human life and how much we care about the suffering relatives who desperately want answers.  It says a whole lot about us.

I hate waste (ridiculous expensive government conventions, etc.) but there are times when money spent is important and I think this expense is very important and I am proud of our help.

At some point we may have to pull back having not had success but I am proud of us trying.  How about you?