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Apparently no one can or will give us precise current numbers about ACA – cost, sign ups, etc.  The Obama administration needs to be cautious in what it says about the President’s signature program and not just give snapshot pics that may amount to p/r.  We need the best real data.

 We also have to look to the future – and there are no precise numbers – to see what may likely happen.  This is important to evaluate the program. Of course, those predictions by those for and against Obamacare should be fair and best effort at accuracy and not political pr.

The paragraphs from the same LA Times article Leader Pelosi got her 9.5 m number that she tweeted earlier, has an ominous warning that, if true, should be addressed now by all the politicians – rather than wait until people are hurt.  The message is – if there is a problem foreseen, fix before it happens.


“….More ominously, some insurance industry officials are warning they may raise rates substantially next year. Major rate hikes could push out healthy consumers, undermining the law’s marketplaces and recharging political opposition.

“The real question is, have they built a system that is sustainable?” said Caroline Pearson, senior vice president at Avalere Health. “Premiums will be the single most important thing that will determine that.”