What words or phrases annoy you? “conscious uncoupling”

Gyyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin say they are “conscious uncoupling.”  That sounds dumb to me — whatever happened to separating and divorcing? (Not that THAT is a good idea…but at least it is not phony nice.)  I would love to know who came up with that one.  I hope they didn’t pay some PR person or lawyer by the hour to come up with the obvious: they gave up…or one or both of them did something  unforgiveable.

And you know I hate “went missing” — whatever happened to disappeared? vanished?

Here are a few more: “exclusive” (most overused – and silly – word in television.  It is used to describe an interview that someone else just did!  I have not uttered that word on TV is almost 10 years. I just can’t bring myself to say it.)

Foodie might be a word you use and maybe common…but I have heard it so much in the last 6 months that I am over it.

When you go to Starbucks, it is no longer small, medium and large.  What was wrong with those 3 words? Now it is grande etc.

“You talk about” is what all the sportscasters say as they cover a live event (and I think: I was not talking about it. Was someone?)

Of course I have my own stupid speech habits I need to get over.  They bug me, too.  I hate it when I hear myself say something so stupid and random as “you know.”