Neighbor says accused Ft. Hood shooter’s wife was distraught (we have an interview with the neighbor tonight on OTR at 7pm)


From the Associated Press:

Neighbors: Accused shooter’s wife was distraught

KILLEEN, Texas (AP) — The neighbor of a man accused of killing three people before committing suicide at a Texas military base says she ran into him hours before the incident, and he seemed to be cheerful and having a good day.

Twenty-one-year-old Shaneice Banks says she lives downstairs from Ivan Lopez, identified by a U.S. congressman as the shooter, and his wife, Karla. Banks says she ran into Lopez when he came home for lunch.

Banks says she asked him how his day was going and he told her that his day was “going pretty good” and that he would see her when he came home from work.

When the shooting erupted, Banks says Lopez’s wife tried repeatedly to call him, breaking down in tears when TV news identified him as the shooter.