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Last night, ON THE RECORD at 7pm, USPS Postmaster General joined us to talk about a segment we did earlier in the week.  The Postal Service was not happy with us – so we invited the Postmaster General to join us to talk about it (scroll back on GretaWire to watch the segment.)  But, what is fun for me, is that a short time ago, I was sent information by a viewer about Postal Reporter News blog — I had no idea this blog existed.  I like to read new things and this is certainly a new blog to me.  I will read it for a few days…and, if it is interesting, I will stick with it like I do with so many other blogs.  To go to the blog:


PS: One thing the Postmaster General was upset with us about is that we had failed to call USPS before doing the segment.  I agree with him on that.  We should have called USPS before the first segment but now we have fixed that.  As for the issue? I have not changed my mind…not a bit……scroll back and watch the segment.