The Maryland argument for decriminalizing use of marijuana – click to read

“…Proponents of the marijuana decriminalization bill pointed to racial disparities in sentencing, with African Americans far more likely than whites to receive prison time for possession..” Washington Post [note this is not the only reason people support it, this is just one of them that caught my attention]

My thought? While I have not studied whether decriminalization is a good idea or not (will greater use lead to greater apathy? less success? more potent drugs use?), it does occur to me that there is another solution to the identified problem above: why not work on the disparity problem noted in the article? Rather than luring others down with greater drug use by easy access, why now raise others up (more opportunity and more inspiration and discouragement of drug use), and in the process, be fair about it? Why not work on stopping the disparity?

By the way, have you thought of how some fashion fads arise out of prison / jail dress? When you get arrested, the police take your belt and shoelaces so you don’t hang yourself or hurt another. Hence….pants sagging down low…and no shoelaces in shoes. I saw it all the time when I visited my clients in the lock up when I was a criminal defense attorney. As you look at some of the fads, it does make you wonder, why is success not imitated? Why is it the lock up? Have we made success too far out of reach so that it seems impossible to get? Yes, I realize that bell bottoms and beads were not exactly a path to success…so maybe it is all youth, of all ages and that many, not all, grow out of it…what do you think?