Can you help me? can you help me help an ON THE RECORD at 7pm viewer


Look…of course I can’t help everyone (I so wish I could) but I try to help when I can….so here goes:


– she is 37 years old;

– lives in Miami, Florida

– seeking a job in an office (receptionist, clerk, office assistant etc.)  

I have never met this woman, but just spoke to her on the phone and asked what she has done so far in the job search.  She said she has sent submitted many, many, many resumes via the internet and gets automated responses back.  

I said, ‘why don’t you just go in some place?’  She said that she has tried that but that she is told each time she does just walk in to a place,  to go home and send in a resume on line…and then, of course, gets an automated response.  

I am posting this here just in case you know someone in Miami who is looking to hire.  We all need to try look out for each other in any way we can.   It would be fun if we all worked together and helped her (and others) get jobs.  

I am also hoping MAYBE someone in the Florida Congressional delegation (or staff) reads this and might be able to help.

I don’t know this woman, and don’t know her skills or worth ethic but why not give her an interview? and maybe a chance?