I guess I am the only one defending CNN on this one …


First, watch Fox News Channel...now read below:

It has become real popular to criticize CNN for its wall to wall coverage of flight 370.   And yes, I know, you can always find the dopey thing said by any anchor or guest and keep showing it and laughing, but I support CNN on their extensive coverage.

Do you really think, if CNN had not done so much coverage, with its big platform, that Malaysia, Australia and even our own country would have gone the extra mile looking for that flight?  I don’t.  I think they would have given up a long time ago.   The media spotlight is extremely powerful.

239 people are missing, and like everyone else (except maybe 5 people), I assume they are dead….but their families sure are not dead and they want answers.  Do you blame them?  I don’t.   Their hearts are broken.  I think it cruel to walk away and say ‘tough luck.’  

I realize we can’t cover every death, every story all the time — but to the extent CNN has sunk its teeth into this one to cover it, I say ‘good for them.’  

Yes, I know, the cynics will say, ‘they did it just for the ratings’ but I get the ratings every day at 4pm and CNN’s ratings just aren’t that good and the coverage is very expensive.  And here is another tidbit — everyone in the news business pays attention to the ratings…not just CNN.   If the ratings were so great from this coverage, everyone would be doing this topic, not just CNN.

Finally, locating that wreckage might be very important to you and your family.  If there is some defect in the 777, that Boeing never noticed in designing that plane, and if it didn’t rear its ugly head until the plane got a bit older, would you not want to know that before you step into a 777?  Finding the black box may tell us what and why!

So…go ahead, laugh at CNN, be one of the media herd, but I am not.  

PS.  Of course, watch Fox News Channel…and watch ON THE RECORD at 7pm. I hope that we are doing the right mix of the news.  There is much going on and we have to juggle how best to get it all to you.   I am working hard to do the best I can for you.