Don’t expect the big money social welfare projects (eg GPS Crossroads) to do this as they will want to protect their big money donors and I can understand that – but maybe the small ones?

One of the holdups to getting to the bottom of the IRS scandal (or lack thereof) is that the IRS can’t release all the records due to privacy rights of the targeted groups.  If we get all the information, the investigation will go a whole lot faster.  So, how about some of the targets waiving their privacy rights so all the documents get released?

Obviously the big money groups won’t waive their rights — they are concerned about their donors and I get that — but I bet some of the other targeted groups (the small ones with very small donations) might be more willing. There may be some groups so small they can reach out to every donor and get the ok. My guess? we might learn a lot more, a lot faster.

I support privacy rights….but, if any group is willing to waive those rights, it might move this much faster. It will give us a better idea of the inner workings of the tax exempt division of the IRS. More info is always more helpful.