Karl Rove v. Stephen Colbert — I had no idea (totally surprised me!)


Last night ON THE RECORD at 7pm, I received the cue that I had 30 seconds left in my interview with Karl Rove.  30 seconds is not enough time to start a new topic….so I thought I would just have some fun and ask something random…so I asked Karl about Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman.

The answer? Completely surprised me (and because of Karl’s schedule, we had pretaped that interview a short time before our live airing…hence we were able to supply the tape that showed the event Karl talked about.)

Of course….there are lots of surprised in news. We had ON THE RECORD at 7pm all planned and ready to go…and then minutes before we went live, we learned about the resignation of Secretary Sebelius. The scamble started…we found Ed Henry, moved the panel up to the top of the show (and of course, they are real pros so they easily could switch from the planned topic to the news about Secretary Sebelius) and well….went live as we do every night.