“LOCAL GIRL MAKES GOOD” – great article about my FNC colleague Laura Ingle

Laura Ingle

(Laura gives me a “shout out” in the article — click on the link — but Laura has done this all herself.  I have always loved her reporting and I think her years as a radio reporter is what makes her better at this job than the rest of us.  On the radio you have to tell a story without the crutch of having video pictures help you explain it or tell it.  On the radio, you need to really know how to report, tell the story.  I often tell people when she pops up on the screen to look away from the screen and just listen to her reporting — it is fantastic!  Being able to report without the crutch of video and pics to help tell a story is unique.)

Local Girl Makes Good

Arden-raised Laura Ingle reports for Fox News Channel

By Susan Maxwell Skinner


Laura Ingle earned an Edward R. Murrow Award for seven months of reports from the Scott Peterson trial. Her on-site coverage of the 911 aftermath garnered a Golden Mike award.


Embedded with the California National Guard, she covered Hurricane Katrina relief for 33 days. When Captain “Sully” Sullenberger landed a jet liner on the Hudson River, the Arden-raised reporter scrambled to report what media hailed “a miracle on the Hudson.”


For two decades, murders, miracles and disasters got Laura out of bed. These days, a smaller miracle does the trick.


“My greatest accomplishment is being a mother to my beautiful baby boy,” says the Fox Network newshound. Recently honored by at a San Juan School District fundraiser in Carmichael, she told supporters: “Having a baby in my early 40s was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And the best. I love him with my entire being.” One day, Ingle may tell her grandchildren about murders and mayhem,