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TG • an hour ago


I wish someone could investigate and hold Social Security accountable for the money they are stealing from all of us. The lady who had money withheld from the IRS due to a mistake 37 years ago by the SSA. I had a very similar thing happen to me for an amount of approx. $2000.00. Well, it was 8 years ago and they “just caught the mistake” and I had to pay unless I could prove otherwise. I called an attorney for advise, he told me the same thing happened to his mother in Law and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do so he advised me to pay it and forget about it. How many other stories like these are happening without anyone investigating their tactics?



BKC • an hour ago


I, too, had money taken by Treas. Dept for a supposed overpayment by the SSA. 33 years husband & I divorced; he was on disability. SSA contends that I received an overpayment for spousal benefits for the month of our divorce. Problem is, I don;t remember receiving those benefits as I had a full time job &, I believe, I made too much to collect benefits. The money was taken from my retirement check.



KakiMitJohnson • 25 minutes ago

Greta, I am also a victim of Social Security “stealing” money from my IRS refund in 2014!! I am FURIOUS!! The money was automatically deducted, without any explanation, indicating “a letter from the agency this money was owed” will send you a letter in the next 7-10 days!! Turbo Tax had “no clue” either when I contacted them!! To top it off, the damn IRS phone no. is ALL automated!! I could not “talk” to a physical person! Everything was Press 1 for this, then Press 2 for this and so on! So infuriating! When I finally, after several days, received my letter; it was from Soc. Sec. Admin. in Washington, DC! I still had no clue what the mystery “missing money” was taken out for??? After three (3) hours with a C/S rep, I finally discovered it was money “overpaid” on my behalf from 1973 when my died dad while I was in college at age 19!! What the Hell??? That’s been 41 years ago!! I thought the lady was joking me!! Since both my parents are now deceased, guess what? You got it, Soc. Sec. “stole” it from my refund!! Apparently, my mom was overpaid the money of $172. after I graduated college. Why is this JUST now being discovered?? Long story short, Soc. Sec. rep told me their Statute of Limitations is ten (10 Years)!! So, why take my money out now? I have filed my taxes every year without fail so it’s not like I was avoiding them!! She advised me to “dispute this overpayment” and I may or may not get the money back. What makes me the most mad is the fact that if I owed them this money after 41 years by damn I’d be repaying interest out the ass!! It’s NOT right at all! Is Soc. Sec. THAT desperate for money to try and find it any way they can? Guess I’ll find out in 18 months when I turn 62!! I’ll be sure to let you know whether or not I do indeed receive this money they stole in 8-12 weeks when I hear from them!!!


Angie Stejakoski • an hour ago

Hi Greta, I too had my refund stolen this year! I was overpaid approx. 1500.00 because they screwed up. My brother I were collecting due to my dad’s death when we were kids. My Mom had called them and advised them I hadn’t registered for college by the required date and they insisted the checks were ok to cash. I was paying them back and thought I had paid it off. 30 yrs later I have no way to prove I did. I was sent a bill earlier this year for a balance of 60.00. Well they also garnished my refund of a whopping 45.00. Hope they choke on it. So many of us they are hunting down are hard working good people. I’ve been a homeowner in addition to paying SS out of my paycheck every week for the last 30 years. I haven’t been hiding. No warning, just a letter that they took it. It’s sad and it’s shameful that this is what our government has come to. They REFUSE to look at themselves ,their spending and the waste of our tax dollars. They’re hunting us like criminals. It’s disgusting!!!!

I just applied for a mortgage, I wonder how will this affect my credit???

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