This is going to get me into trouble but I am just having some fun :)

When someone – anyone –  walks into the room where this is a woman, the person – and even men – is likely to get saturated with comments like this (and you don’t even get time to answer the first one before the second one comes flying):

I love your jacket.

You changed your hair.

Is that new?

Where did you buy that?

That’s a great color.

I have one just like that.

That is cute.

Love those shoes.

You look like you have lost weight.  [from GretaWire blogger]

Blue looks good on you. [from GretaWire blogger]

and we wonder?  

And then there is the airport… when I walk through an airport…the extra one just for me:

You are so short.

Not sure what the correct answer is other than  “how can you tell?”    

(Note: I am just having some fun this morning.)