Another Secret Service blunder….. ‘asleep at the wheel?’ They are suppose to protect Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and yet this happened?


As former First Lady of the United States, Former Secretary of State Hillary, has Secret Service protection.  Recently the Secret Service has had really lousy problems (drunk in Holland while traveling with President Obama; the prostitute scandal in South America; allowing that disturbed man to stand near President Obama at the Mandela memorial) and now this – below.  It  is another serious problem.  Of course the event also had security but it doesn’t look like that security was any good if a woman without credentials slipped past security:

“…A spokesman for the recycling institute said Ernst [woman arrested for throwing shoe at Secretary Clinton] did not have credentials for the event and slipped past security and into the ballroom where Clinton was addressing more than 1,000 people as part of a series of speaking engagements this week…”