My offer still stands …. President Obama, well?


Last week the networks (ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox BROADCAST) snubbed President Obama.  He asked for time in the prime time schedule to talk about the Obamacare number of 7.1 million.  Each of the networks said no and he ended up speaking from the Rose Garden during the day.  

I then offered him 10 minutes uninterrupted on OTR at 7pm but in exchange, I wanted 10 more minutes for an interview with him.  I would even match 15 for 15 or 20 for 20. So far? no word from the White House.

In the mean time I see President Obama going different places and talking to various audiences – usually less than 1000 – about Obamacare. I do agree it is important to talk to lots of people about his signature program but that fact that he wants to talk about is even more convincing he should come to OTR at 7pm. Why not our audience?  He will get much much much bigger audiences and, frankly, our OTR audience, taxpayers, would like to hear from him.  

President Obama knows I will give him a fair interview – he enjoyed his interviews with me when he was a US Senator and running for President. I also have interviewed many times other US Presidents and never, not even once, did any President complain I was unfair…from Pres Bush 41 to President Bill Clinton to President Bush 43. If anything, some of the audience was mad that I didn’t ask THEIR question.

My offer remains – any time, any place.