I thought I would leave you with a nice story as I close up GretaWire for the night. It is about MD Anderson

A friend of mine has been very sick and about 3 months + ago he went to MD Anderson in Texas for cancer treatment.  His medical treatment in the DC area had been grim…very disappointing…so he went to MD Anderson in Houston.   His case was described to me as ‘complicated.’    

I have been talking to or emailing him or his wife daily since they went to MD Anderson.   I won’t bore you with the details…but will tell you the great news.  He has responded extremely well to their cutting edge cancer treatment (he had a stem cell transplant with his own harvested stem cells) and tomorrow – after all this time away – he and his wife return to their home and to their children.  They could not be happier and I could not be happier.  

I should add, besides the amazing medical treatment, the care of my friend by the MD Anderson doctors and other health professionals was incredibly kind.  

It is times like this that I wish I had gone into the health field.  Imagine what it is like to be able to save lives  or to be on a medical team that does!    

PS – I had the same thought about careers watching the very kind and very smart doctors and health professionals at the University of Maryland Hospital who cared for my husband when he was sick.  Let me repeat myself, imagine what it is like to save lives or be on a medical team that does!