HELP! TELL GERMANY NOT TO HELP SUDAN’s EVIL PRESIDENT BASHIR – he is killing innocent people in Nuba Mountains and he is under indictment in the International Criminal Court for genocide / mass murder!

Bashir, Sudan

Read the story below in black text and highlighted in red. The German Foreign Ministry reason (read below) for investing in Sudan is just wrong.  German investors will HURT the people of Nuba Mountains if they partner up with Bashir and Sudan.  Bashir must be weakened, not propped up with foreign money pouring into his economy. 

You know from reading and posting here on GretaWire how cruel and evil Sudan’s President Bashir is.  He is bombing the Nuba Mountain region and the people are fleeing for their lives.  Many have died – from direct hits by bombs or from fleeing (dehydration and starving to death.)  There are many who dodged the bombs and who are currently hiding in caves and eating bugs and leaves to survive.   I saw it with my own eyes — both the bombers overhead, and the people hiding in caves and the burned out farm fields.

You, too, know it to be true.  You have seen the pics I took when I was there with Reverend Franklin Graham.  Bashir is cruel beyond words.  My pics prove the starvation he has caused and is causing adults and children.  I have even posted pictures of bombed churches, bomb craters next to schools etc. 

Why is Bashir doing this?  Just for his selfish reasons as these innocent people are doing no harm to him.  They just want to live their lives but he just wants to torture them.

To the extent the world helps him, he is able to maintain his power in Sudan.  Email the German Embassy in Washington and Khartoum ( ) and ask them to ask German investors not to help President Bashir.  Helping him keeps him in power.  Not only does it keep him in power, you can expect that all money that pours into Sudan from Germany or elsewhere goes into Bashir’s personal pocket – he does not give a damn about his people, just about himself. 

 No one should be helping him stay in power….not German investors, not anyone.  

The German Foreign Ministry justification for German investment in Sudan,  as you will read below,  is that President Bashir is separate from the country.  That is just not true.  Sudan and Bashir are one of the same and pouring German money into Sudan keeps Bashir in power.  

President Bashir needs to be arrested IMMEDIATELY and taken to The Hague, to the ICC, to answer to the indictment for GENOCIDE.  PLEASE EMAIL GERMAN EMBASSY and tell them do NOT help Bashir, help the people and get him arrested and taken to trial.



Below are some collected and saved bugs that one family had collected to try to survive.  the bugs the people gather to eat because Pres Bashir has bombed their villages and farms

Here is the article: (and note how Germany refers to the action in the Hague ICC as a “lawsuit” as though this is a simple civil dispute.  It is not a lawsuit, it is a CRIMINAL INDICTMENT FOR MASS MURDER, GENOCIDE.)

Sudan courts German investors

Violence and sanctions have taken their toll on Sudan’s image among European investors. Many don’t want to do business with Khartoum. Now Sudan is trying to change that and is particularly looking towards Germany.

Oil, gold and water – Sudan is a country rich in natural resources. But Mustafa Osman Ismail, the Sudanese investment minister, complains that the country cannot make use of many of its riches. That is why his government is trying to attract international business and ramp up interest to invest in the mining industry, agriculture, as well as in the banking sector. The minister said Sudan’s potential is great, and that German business stands to benefit.

But so far, not many German companies have wanted to bring business to Sudan. The Afrian country has been repeatedly shaken by political conflict, particularly in the Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan regions. In addition, there is the crisis in neighboring South Sudan to think about..

.…Sudan is actively trying to extend its economic relationship with European partners. In 2013, the country presented itself at business events in Germany, Italy and Spain. At the end of March 2014, representatives of 15 German businesses travelled to Sudan’s capital Khartoum for a German-Sudanese economic forum….

…Sacrificing human rights for profit

The International Court of Justice in The Hague has issued an arrest warrant for Sudan’s President Omar el-Bashir on charges of war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity. Still, Germany’s relationship with Khartoum has remained rather open.

The German Foreign Ministry has said that “the lawsuit against el-Bashir is one thing, Sudan as a country is another,” adding that German-Sudanese relations are constructive and diverse. “We are holding talks about arms smuggling and illegal immigration. At the same time, we want to intensify the economic relationship between our two countries,” the ministry said, adding that Sudan plays an important role in the Horn of Africa….”