Since so many of you ask me how my husband is……click to read

Yesterday he had a PET scan and he passed.  Needless to say, we are feeling on top of the world.  Words just don’t describe how we feel.  It has been a long, long, long haul.

I know many of you have gone through this cancer hell and know what a tough journey it is – both for the person who has it and family.  It is the absolute worst.  It is so difficult.

If you have been through it, it sure does remind you of what is important in life, doesn’t it?

And yes….we got lucky with the type of cancer and catching it early.  Plus we have the luxury of great doctors and great medical care. Not everyone is lucky and not everyone has the medical care my husband has had.  It breaks my heart to hear of others going through this.  I really don’t know how some people handle this.

I very much appreciate all the kind words from many of you.

PS – He just said from the other side of the room, “can you tell them to follow me on twitter?” I said, “you are kidding, right?” He said he is serious (I think crazy?) Having him on twitter seems dangerous. I fear he will be the kind who tweets what he having for breakfast…oh well…follow him at your own peril — @johnpcoale