President Obama now in South Korea

Subject: WH Travel Pool Report #9

Tour of Gyenbok Palace

POTUS’ motorcade rolled through downtown Seoul, passing a stream that
cuts through town and has been lined with yellow ribbons in honor of
the victims of the ferry disaster.

Sparse crowds lined the streets for the president, who, at four trips
to South Korea, is by now a familiar visitor.

The palace is a sprawling compound of pagoda-like structures, an oasis
of calm in the midst of a clamorous city.

Pool is holding in the most soaring of these, a temple flanked by
Korean guards wearing flowing turquoise-colored robes and clutching
brilliant yellow, blue and red flags.

Inside we are facing an ornate red-and-green throne. POTUS entered and
gazed at the throne, while listening to a guide.

Back outside, Obama strolled with the guide, nodding occasionally as
she spoke. He descended the stairs in front of temple as pool was
hustled to another pagoda with a moat around it. POTUS crossed an
adjacent bridge over the moat and gazed in our direction.

The tour concluded, pool is back in the vans.

Mark Landler
NY Times