Yes, STILL #1! THANK YOU ON THE RECORD VIEWERS – WE CONTINUE TO BE #1 at 7pm and we owe it all the VIEWERS

#1, One

Obviously we would not continue to be #1 in our time slot if it were not for YOU.  I am well aware that the credit goes to the loyalty you all show to us — you stick by us even when you think we drop the ball on something.  I really appreciate you.

 You kept us #1 at 10pm for 11 1/2 years and now you continue to back us.

Just so you know, never expect perfection out of me but do expect that I listen to you and I try to do my best for you.  

The OTR staff? They are without a doubt the best in the business and I am lucky to work with them.   I wish you knew them because you would really like each one of them.