Just can’t have fun? the WHCD critics!

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This weekend is the White House Correspondents Dinner and this is the chance for some people in the media to show they are really elitist.  How?  By criticizing the White House Correspondents Dinner.  

It happens every year.   The critics roll out with their pompous cracks about this dinner.  Let’s get this straight – no one has to go. It is s just a party.   It is not a Tolstoy War and Peace reading at Politics and Prose – it is a party.

Frankly, I like the dinner.  It is a chance to have some fun.  News (in case you have not noticed) is often a big downer and we get saturated with it 364 days a year – just not this night.  I like this night because I get to see others in the media, yes friends,  who I have not seen in a year as we have all been very busy (with the news!)   I meet people from Hollywood, and the President’s Administration.  And let’s not forget how funny our Presidents (Repubs and Dems) can be this night as they poke fun at the media.  People have F-U-N.  Is that a crime?  

If you don’t want to go? Don’t.  It is that simple.  

I suspect the critics thinks it makes them look like serious journalists if they get all huffy about the dinner.  I think it just makes them look pompous.  The rest of American knows what a party is.

It is a PARTY.  ONE NIGHT.   Give it a rest!