Notes from FNC about Benghazi Select Committee

Chad Pergram

Adding to this…****


There is no title to the committee…and they have not settled on a chair. I am told that the name of Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) will be in the mix.


They also don’t know the size of the committee. I’m told it will be bipartisan…we don’t know yet if the Speaker’s Office has aprised the Minority Leader’s Office yet so she can make her appointments.


We don’t know the cost, but I’m told it will be covered “by existing House funds.”


The House will have to vote on this…to officially empanel the commitee. It is specific to the House only. I’m told they are not sure when they will vote…they are not even sure if it will be ready next week.


I am told that the Speaker made the decision yesterday…after the level of obfuscation by the administration reached a breaking point and they also learned how involved the WH was involved.



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