Secretary of State John Kerry in South Sudan — a very important trip for humanitarian reason and our national security

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As you know, I have traveled to Sudan and South Sudan with Reverend Franklin Graham (when I took this pic.)  Sudan’s President is evil — President Bashir — and currently under indictment for genocide in the ICC (International Criminal Court.)  The human suffering in Sudan is indescribable.  Bashir should be arrested but when he travels, countries ignore the arrest warrant and coddle him.

And now?  South Sudan (a new country as of July 2009) is quickly become a humanitarian crisis to rival Sudan.   I don’t know that the USA can work magic and help but I much appreciate the effort by our Secretary of State.

It isn’t just a humanitarian crisis, it is also in our national security.  South Sudan has a tremendous amount of oil and the Chinese have moved in and the terrorists.  Is this really what we want? I think not….. we need to be part of the growth of Africa so that growth is towards peace and democracy.