State Department Responds to the Subpoena of Secretary of State John Kerry – click to read

John Kerry

Notes below from FNC’s Chad Pergram

A response on this from a State Department official:


I’m not sure the Secretary is even aware of the request. He’s scheduled to be in Mexico on the 21st, which the House Oversight Committee would have known if they had reached out to us instead of issuing a subpoena by tweet.


We’re surprised that they resorted in the first instance to a subpoena, given we’ve been cooperating all along with the committee.


This appears to be a pattern for HOGR: subpoena first and talk later, as we saw with Ambassador Pickering as well.


It appears tempting for Republicans to focus on the politics of Benghazi. What we’re focused on is improving best practices and bringing the perpetrators to justice.


Because of legal and constitutional issues, it takes a while to go through all of these documents.


Also, previously, Issa was AGAINST calling a GOP Secretary of State before the same panel in April, 2007:


4/25/07: Rep. Issa: “This — The Inappropriateness Of Hauling The Secretary Of State, Not The Former National Security Adviser, The Secretary Of State, Out Of The Performance Of Her Job Is What We’re Objecting To.” “ISSA: Mr. Chairman, it’s been announced today that the secretary of state will be meeting with her counterpart from Syria. She has been meeting with NATO. She has been meeting, traveling, on the issues that the gentlelady from California cares about, as I do. This — the inappropriateness of hauling the secretary of state, not the former national security adviser, the secretary of state, out of the performance of her job is what we’re objecting to. A crossing of the line is not who she used to be, but who she is today, particularly considering that she did answer exactly these questions that people say they want to pose to her, she answered those during her confirmation.

WAXMAN: If the gentleman would yield?

ISSA: … to answer our questions.

WAXMAN: We’ve asked her to answer in writing from herself, and she refuses to even give us an answer to questions that we’ve propounded to her.

We’re trying to be reasonable.

ISSA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

And if, in fact, the subpoena was for her to produce herself or answer by interrogatory, we could be having that discussion.” [House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, 4/25/07]

Chad Pergram

FOX News

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill