How do they do it? Politics, right? Sample this … Senator Claire McCaskill


In 2008, Senator Claire McCaskill stunned people.  She came out early and endorsed then Senator Obama or not then Senator Hillary Clinton.  It was a huge blow to then Senator Clinton – Missouri was an important state and it was losing a fellow woman Senator’s endorsement.

Senator Claire McCaskill: “….I have deep respect for Hillary Clinton. She’s a smart woman and a strong leader, but at this moment in history it is very important that we look forward with optimism and hope that we’ve not been able to gin up in this country for awhile…”  CLICK HERE

But Senator Claire McCaskill was also quoted as saying harsh things: “she didn’t want her daughter near Bill Clinton and confided to a friend that she was nervous to be alone in an elevator with Hillary..”  CLICK HERE

And now?  Already Senator Claire McCaskill has come out and enthusiastically endorsed Secretary Clinton for 2016.   Weird, huh?  Abandoned Secretary Clinton in 2008…and even trashed her…and now has already supported her.  

When I read about Senator McCaskill’s now enthusiastic and early endorsement I think, doesn’t she  know we have video from 2008?  that we can google the things she said?  This is not a reflection on Secretary Clinton (whether you are for her or against her) but on politics and on Senator McCaskill.  I would love to hear her explanation as to what suddenly changed for her.   When I read things like this new endorsement I think there is lack of conviction and no loyalty in politics.  I like a vigorous debate, and that includes a debate about differences in ideology but this doesn’t feel like that to me.  

About the only good explanation would be for Senator McCaskill to say “this is politics…I thought then Senator Obama would beat then Senator Clinton for the 08 and I wanted to be in front of the line and get the most for my state by being close to the winner.”  I doubt she will.  Instead she will pretend she never said these things.  Yes, politics.