President Obama called President Karzai of Afghanistan – click to read

President Obama

(note: pic is dated, not from today)


Office of the Press Secretary


May 4, 2014


Readout of the President’s Call with President Karzai

President Obama called President Karzai today to express his condolences for the extensive loss of life in the May 2 landslide in Afghanistan’s rural northeast province of Badakhshan. President Karzai expressed appreciation for international assistance and described to the President the ongoing Afghan government response, to include visits to the region by the Afghan Vice Presidents. President Obama affirmed the support of the American people as the Afghans respond to this tragedy and offered additional U.S. assistance to the ongoing relief efforts.


President Obama also expressed support for the April 5 Afghan elections and reaffirmed that the United States supports a sovereign, stable, unified, and democratic Afghanistan.