Did you know this? The very evil President Bashir of Sudan sent his Foreign Minister to talk to me….and here is the latest


Last fall, Sudan’s President Bashir sent his Foreign Minister to Washington, DC to meet with me to convince me to stop calling President Bashir evil.  I said I would be happy to stop as soon as President stops bombing innocents in Nuba Mountain region.  The Foreign Minister first said the bombings were not happening.  I then said – “I saw it with my own eyes” and I took pictures…of the people and the bombers overhead.  He then accused me of being in Suda without permission and admitted it was happening but that these innocents were ‘collateral damage’ in a civil war.   Collateral damage is what he is calling this new genocide.

The bombings have not stopped – hospitals, churches, villages etc.   People are getting killed, and live their lives in terror….hiding in caves, eating leaves to survive.  Click here to go to the links below

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