Here is what Press Secretary Jay Carney doesn’t quite get….


I just watched the White House Press Secretary briefing:

Jay Carney repeatedly says, with different words, that Benghazi has been investigated and investigated and investigated – as though getting more information is ‘beating a dead horse’ or there is nothing more to produce in documents or anything to be said.  

That is just not quite so.  My thought:  if he were correct, that there were nothing more to produce after all these months since September 11, 2012….how come all those new documents, including the Ben Rhodes email were just released last week in response to a Court Order?  The documents and emails were not released in all those other Committee hearings….so…what else is the Administration sitting on?  They were obviously sitting on something until last week!

And the American people still have not heard from the witnesses on the ground at the time of the attack at Benghazi.  The Administration has not given us their names and I am sure that eye witnesses could be helpful in understanding what did or did not happen in Benghazi.